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Welcome to Detection Dog School

Craig A Murray has been training detection dogs since the early 1990’s.  His forte is in developing world first programs and implementing the technology into daily working applications such as with the Biosecurity Queensland Red Imported Fire Ant Detection Dog team and the Electric Ant Detection Dog team.  Craig owns the intellectual property for both of those detection dog programs and has been working as the Government’s Technical Consultant for those programs for over 20 years.


Some of the other types of detection dogs that Craig has trained are:


Detection Dogs have always been seen as something special within the dog industry.  Today the market is changing and people are looking for more ways to stimulate their pet dogs.  The latest craze seems to be pet owners wanting to teach their dogs scent games to provide environmental enrichment so why learn from the amateurs when you can learn from the best!


Give Craig and the team at Detection Dog School a call and book in for one of their upcoming odour detection workshops where you can learn all about the fascinating world of detection dogs and learn how to teach your dog to use the same skills to stimulate their senses.

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