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This is a family business that has been established for over 25 years. We started out with a deep love and devotion to dogs and our passion and hobby quickly became a career. Wanting to provide the best possible knowledge and education to pass on to our clients, Craig gained education from the USA in Professional Dog Training, Police and Narcotic Dog training, Man Trailing Bloodhounds, Search and Rescue and Cadaver Recovery dogs and Assistance and Therapy Dogs and training.


Due to our commitment and professionalism, we have been utilized as permanent part time lecturers at the Queensland University Veterinary Science School for over 17 years. We are still currently lecturing for the Animal Ethology Course at the University of Queensland Gatton Campus. We have been retained by one of the largest Asian College Groups as special educators under contract to assist in the training of Japanese dog training, grooming, welfare & veterinary students.

Tracey has spent 5 weeks doing a live-in practicum at a Wolf Research Facility in the United States of America to research the similarities and differences between the wolf and the domestic dog. She has also completed a Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and a Certificate III in Security Operations.

Craig A. Murray Dog Trainer

Founder and CEO

Specialist Dog Trainer

Tracey Murray Dog Trainer


Specialist Dog Trainer

Roxanna Vasich

Office Manager

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