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Craig A. Murray

  • Founder and CEO

  • Internationally Certified Specialist Dog Trainer 

Craig A Murray started this family business over 30 years ago.  Craig gained education in the USA in Professional Dog Training, Police and Narcotic Dog Training, Mantrailling Bloodhounds, Search and Rescue and Cadaver Recovery dogs and Assistance and Therapy Dogs and training. 


Craig has been contracted by Governments and large corporations to develop world first technology for sniffer dogs and currently trains and maintains Biosecurity Queensland’s Fire Ant Detection Dog Team and Electric Ant Detection Dog Team.  All the speicialist detection dogs must pass through Animal Ethics Committees to ensure sound welfare and best practice for the dog teams.  Craig has worked as a specialist search dog handler for five states police departments.  You may have seen his dog working on the Backpacker Murder Investigation.  He has also lectured at the Queensland University Veterinary Science School, and is also hired as an expert Court Witness for dangerous dog court cases.  Craig also teaches accredited training Australia Wide to Councils on how to Identify and Respond to Animal Behaviour and also for other training courses for Industry.


Craig is co-founder of the not-for-profit charity Empower Assistance Dogs – the only government certified service dog provider that is able to train all three types of dogs – guide, hearing and assistance dogs.  He was the first person to gain government certification under the Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dog Act of 2009.


Craig is also a Director of the Registered Training Organisation – Dogs At Work which provides nationally accredited training for animal related courses.  Craig has been contracted for the last 17 years to teach dog training, welfare, grooming, pet tech, zoo and veterinary students throughout Japan for a large College group. 


Craig A Murray Dog Training has 12 team members that provide puppy training, manners, basic obedience both in private lessons and group classes and behaviour consultations from Northern Rivers NSW out to the Lockyer Valley and up as far as Woodford.

Craig A. Murray  Bloodhound
Craig A. Murray - Disaster Dog Queenslad
Edna - Cane Toad Detection Dog 
Craig playing with this dogs
Crag doing Distaster Dog work
Craig doing bite work training
Craig with Assistance Dog Puppy
Craig with Electric Ant Dog
Craig and Hoover the Bloodhound - A blast from the past!
Craig with patrol Dog
Craig with Narcs
Craig with Labrador Puppy
Craig with Cinder - Disaster Dog
Joe- Bird Strike Dispersal Dog
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