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Tracey Murray

  • Director

  • Specialist Dog Trainer 

Tracey Murray has been working alongside Craig A Murray for the past 25 years.  Together they have been contracted by Governments, Universities and Corporations to develop world first technology and training programs.  Their dog teams must pass Animal Ethics committees to ensure best practice for the welfare of the dogs that they train and work with.


Tracey completed a Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services and did a live in practicum at a Wolf Research Facility in the USA.  She also is a co-owner of a Registered Training Organisation – Dogs At Work, an RTO committed to providing nationally accredited training for the animal industry. 


Tracey has been travelling to Japan for the past 17 years to teach dog training, welfare, grooming, pet tech, zoo and veterinary students in 5 major cities under contract from a Japanese College Group.  She has also travelled to the UK to lecture for an international conference and regularly speaks to industry groups within Australia.


In 2015 Tracey founded the Variety Therapy Dog Team in conjunction with Variety Queensland, the Children’s Charity where therapy visits are provided to special schools, aged care facilities, mental health units and other required events.  There are currently two team locations both in Logan and Broadbeach with over 40 members on the team and it is ever growing.


Tracey also co-founded the not-for-profit charity Empower Assistance Dogs where they breed, raise and train service dogs for persons with disabilities.  Empower Assistance Dogs are currently the only not-for-profit service dog provider that is government certified to train guide, hearing and assistance dogs.


Tracey’s work within the dog industry has seen her travel and work in most States of Australia, in New Zealand, Japan, the UK and Hawaii.  

Tracey Murray - Dog Trainer
Tracey Murray - Dogschool Obedience
Craig and Tracey Muray - Groote Eylant
Tracey Murray - Queensland Dog Trainer
Tracey running the Craig A. Murray Obedience Instructors Course
Craig and Tracey Murray with their working dogs
Tracey Murray at Big Cat Rescue Centre in USA
Tracey Murray - Certifed Dog Trainer
Tracey Murray with working springer spanel Pickle
Tracey Murray with Wild Monkeys in Japan
Tracey Murray with Wolf at Wolf Park in USA
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